An Integrative Approach to Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Rachel Barrack is a licensed veterinarian, certified veterinary acupuncturist, and certified veterinary Chinese herbalist with an integrative approach to healing. She draws upon her extensive training in both eastern and western veterinary medicine to treat and heal animals.  Now offering Telemed appointments!  


Acupuncture is considered the mainstay of traditional Chinese medicine. For animals, acupuncture can provide pain relief, stimulate the nervous and immune systems, decrease fever, regulate the GI and circulatory systems, and address neurological and musculoskeletal disorders.


Chinese Herbal Therapy

Chinese herbal therapy is a non-invasive way to extend the life of acupuncture treatment and enhance its results. Chinese herbs are available in pills and powders, and animals easily ingest and digest them.


On-Site Care

Dr. Barrack provides on-site, integrative care to dogs, cats and horses in New York City and its suburbs. Everything she needs to diagnose and treat your pet is easily transportable from her mobile office into your home or barn.